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Our Mission and Vision

The company was incepted 7 years ago by a dynamic personality after having worked with few of other Nepal's largest outdoor companies. Any promotion campaign of a brand, business or case  launched through outdoor media comes under outdoor advertising.  Considered one of the oldest modes of brand advertising, outdoor media is one of the contemporary tools of product advertising widely adopted by wide range of brand owners and advertisers. Of late, the launch of new age media has enhanced the overall practice of outdoor advertising. Digital tools have replaced conventional  ones all in all garnering are not much different from advertising modes.  one advantage of outdoor ad is that any outdoor ad is available 24/7. The ready availability of brand message further provides easy accessibility for customers. Hence, customers have their own choice to go through the ad display as per their convenience. With our offices in kathmandu and a wide network of affliattes, We deliver successful outdoor advertising services anywhere in Nepal. A young and dynamic team with relevant expertise in the industry solar the momentum of the company. The team thrives on professional competence, synchronized planning & an eye for detail we all truly recognized importance of collective effort.